Thursday, December 18, 2008

Choir and more yucky weather

Can I just say that I am WAY tired of this yucky weather! We have had every kind of weather in the last week and it has been COLD!!! Today we are looking at getting freezing rain. I had hoped that school would be cancelled for the girls even though it hadn't started yet but OH NO I get to try to get out this afternoon in the middle of the yuck and pick Brooke up from school...ugh!

Last night Brooke had her choir concert. Papa and Grammy came down and had dinner (go to my other blog to see what we had) and then to the concert. The concert consisted of the 6th grade choir and 6th grade band and then the 7/8th grade choir and 7/8th grade band performing...they all did great!

Papa and Grammy brought us a present. This ornament that has our little family on it. Grammy said that they had a hard time finding one with only two kid (snowmen) on it, they all had three. I told her that maybe they should have gotten one with three kids...maybe it would be a sign that we needed another one!

Thank you Papa and Grammy! And thank you for coming to share the evening with us, even though Grammy felt icky!

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