Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Day in the trenches...of acting that is

We spent most of the day today in Topeka again letting Brooke and Kenzie glow in the spotlight of being actresses. Ok so they were just extras but their face...or arm or foot or something just may be shown on TV so that makes them super star actresses right??!!! They really got a taste of the sitting and waiting and nothing being on time part of acting today but they still loved it!

Brooke ready for her scene.

Brooke and Kenzie

Brooke and Kenzie being "real" actors...sitting and waiting

Although it was great to see the girls loving life so much doing the extra work, I am kinda glad it was only for two days! The long drive there and back both days and then sitting around waiting has made me one tired mama...I think Robin would agree!

Now back to regularly scheduled programming...and NO Brooke and Kenzie you will not be getting the star treatment!!!! I think there's some trash to be taken out and dishes to be done...oh is your rooms clean??????!!!

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