Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cheerleading comes to an end...

7th grade cheer squad
Brooke & Kenzie

Tonight's basketball game marked the end of the cheer leading "season" for Brooke. She is quick to remind me that she is STILL a cheerleader until the end of the school year they just don't have anyone to cheer for!

Unfortunately with the passing of the cheer leading season comes all the hype and circumstance of trying out for next year. There are papers to be filled out by me, Brooke & teachers, there are endless practices at school and home (I'm sure yet again I'll be able to do the cheer and dance in my sleep!) and then the much dreaded (I mean awaited) tryout day. I remember this time last year so well (the fear, the tears, the worries, the headaches, the drinking...oh no there was no drinking, darn). I was so relieved when those tryouts were over and Brooke's number was on that coveted list and all the horribleness was finally over just in time to go on vacation for spring break...and for the worry to begin about if she would be hated by all that did not make it on to the coveted list.

I'm pretty sure Brooke is just as worried this year as last as there is no guarantee that she will make the squad for a second season...and what a horrible fate! The try outs are based solely on performance and ability (by judges that do not know the girls) so I'm sure she will be kicking it into high gear learning the new cheer & dance and practicing for hours a day in the upcoming weeks...oh please lord let her make it because if not ONE of us WILL be moving to a deserted island to live!!!

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