Thursday, February 26, 2009

Focus Friday

Sorry this is late today, Lexy had her surgery this morning. All went well and I'll have pics from the day later.

Focus Friday

Ellen over at Thrifty & Chic Mom has this great weekly challenge. Focus Friday is where you list a couple of small and/or large projects that you want to focus on for the week and then the next week you tell how you did at getting those projects done.

Last weeks tasks...

1.) FINISH that darn thorn in my side curtain for the shelves on the entertainment center!

2.) Master bedroom - clean out all the junk, put new bedding on, make new curtains & cover for vanity.

Ok, so neither one of my items got done this last week for two reasons. One, I realized at the beginning of the week that my daughter's 5th b-day is in less than 2 weeks and I had not planned a party, made the invitations or sent them out...nothing, zilch, nada. Second, We found out this week that same daughter had to have eye muscle surgery today (Friday) and I have been on the phone setting that up ALL week.

SO, I will show you these invitations that I made and got sent to Lexy's preschool friends this week so I feel like I did get something accomplished...

Obviously Lexy has chosen a dinosaur theme for her party. She loved the invitations I made and helped me decorate the envelopes.

This weeks tasks (I will go back to the other ones the following week)...

1.) Shop for all decorations, food, presents for Lexy's party.
2.) Plan the games for the party.
3.) Make the dinosaur cake for the party.


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

You are so crafty, those invitations are adorable! I hope your daughter is doing well, surgery with kids is not fun!

Christina said...

Those invites are *awesome!*

Good luck this week!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those invites are great!

blessedmomto7 said...

CUTE INVITES! Hope Lex is feeling ok.

Jackie said...

haha that is such a cute idea!! Have fun this week!!