Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Fun

We didn't do anything overly facinating for family fun this weekend but we did spend time together (and isn't that what it's all about anyway...yes I'm trying to make myself feel better!). We spent the morning on Sat. lazing around the house and then went shopping. Brooke needed to get some things to make for a gift for her cheerleading "big sister" for their party on Tuesday and I picked up some things for Lexy's birthday (it's in 2 WEEKS!!!). So one of my big projects in the next couple of days is to call and reserve the place we will have her party and make the invitations for her preschool class! Lexy decided on the theme of dinosaurs so we will go with that and the colors green and orange...nice to have one that's not as girly as Brooke so I get to do different parties!!!

After shopping we went to dinner and then went to a fundraiser that was benifiting our good friends Gary and Tiffany. Their adoption(s) from Ethiopia is moving right along and hopefully this fundraiser will help!

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