Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The good and bad news

Good News...

My BFF Robin's MRI and other test came back negative for MS, the symptoms she's been experiencing are because of a bulging disc in her neck. They will start physical therapy and if that's doesn't take care of it then she will have surgery...but NO MS!!!

Bad News...

I took Lexy for her yearly check up at her Opthamologist yesterday and her doctor found that she will have to have eye muscle surgery. When she got her glasses 2 years ago we started patching her eye because of the lazy eye, about six months later the patching had worked enough that we stopped patching. For some reason the muscle has gotten MUCH weaker than it was and now our options are to try patching again (which probably would only be a temporary fix again) or to have eye muscle surgery to hopefully fix the problem for good. We have choosen to go with the surgery but I have a stomachache just thinking of putting my baby thru that! It is an out-patient surgery but they'll still have to put her under (and that wasn't a good experience when she had her MRI 2 years ago!). The doctor's office will call today to set up the date...please say a prayer that everythng will go well.

Before going to Lexy's appointment yesterday, we stopped off at Toys R US for Brooke to buy Lexy's birthday present. The girls thought they would try on some "new wheels"!

And yes, those are the only "wheels" that they are allowed to have for many many many years...oh the anxiety over just thinking that those days are coming way to quickly for Brooke!

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