Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Fun Day

For family fun time this weekend we split up and did...

Daddy and Lexy time...they played at home, went to McDonald's and ate dinner together, went to the park and then played outside at home! Lexy said she had a really fun time playing with Daddy, Daddy said that Lexy scared him with how high she can swing herself on the swings now!

Mommy and Brooke time...Brooke and I joined Robin and Kenzie for lunch at a new place (Beach Bums, really cool, Lexy would love it!), some shopping at Kohl's (new purses for all!), a movie (Bride Wars, very good!), some more shopping at the mall & Target and then a little dinner at Wendy's before heading home. We had a great time and the bigger girls got some much needed mommy time and leisurely shopping without little siblings around!

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