Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time with Papa

Since Mike and the girls had yesterday off, we decided to go up on Sunday to spend some time with Papa and Grammy before Papa's shoulder surgery yesterday. We always have a great time spending time with them and the girls are always SO spoiled!

Papa's out patient surgery went longer than anticipated so we ended up spending about 8 hours up at the hospital. Actually it was the prep and recovery (high blood pressure) that took longer but we got to take Papa home and he was resting when we left him last night. The girls did well (even though it was boring) at the hospital and were both really glad when we got to finally take Papa home. Brooke made Papa a get well soon card and sat with him when we got him home to make sure he was okay and Lexy gave Papa a stuffed animal to make him feel better while he slept.

WE LOVE YOU PAPA!!! We hope your recovery is quick and that you are as pain free as possible!

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