Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adoption Update

Well we were the only family to come forward for the sweet little almost 2 year old.  So now they have sent out an e-mail looking for more interested families that are foster adopt.  One good thing is that they are only looking at families that already have a homestudy done so the staffing should still happen very quickly.

I talked with our adoption worker today and she believes that two other familis have come forward today.  I'm happy that more families are stepping up but a little sad that WE already committed but they had to go look for more. 

Our worker said that she doesn't think any other families have come forward for the sibling set of three.  She said that unfortunately there just isn't a lot of families that are willing to accept three kids at once. :(

It saddens me that it seems to be challenging to find homes/families for both these situations...I told our worker we'd just take them all...I was only half joking. :)

We have all paperwork done and sent in on our side so now we are just waiting for "the powers to be" to decide they have enough families interested or they just simply aren't going to receive any more interest so that they can set up a staffing to choose a family!

I SO feel like nesting.  I had to force myself to not buy a ton of stuff at Wal-Mart yesterday.  I kinda need to know how many, ages and sex of our next kid(s) before I start buying :-) 

Hopefully SOON!!!!!!!

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