Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun new toy

Lexy found this great toy at Toys R Us (on clearance!!) the other day and she just HAD to have it!  We had so many people driving by slow down and watch her playing in the front yard yesterday :)  I think it will provide many many hours of entertainment this summer!

Adoption update -
Per our adoption worker, there has been a "glitch" in the almost 2 year olds case so we have to wait to hear what is going to happen.  We think that possibly the two brothers (12,7) that were scheduled to move to another state are now staying so they'll have to decide if they will still split them or not. 

They are still trying to get more homestudies for the sibling set of three little ones.  Plus we have to wait for the court to release the journal entry saying that termination has happened and we hear that is taking longer than usual these days :(


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