Friday, March 18, 2011

Missing Out

"B", the little girl that could possibly be our daughter, turned 2 today!  I thought about her all day, thinking about what she was doing and how the people around her were helping her celebrate.  My hope is that the relative that she is living with right now woke her up with a big hug and kiss while singing happy birthday to her.  I hope that she was lavished with attention today and told just how much she is loved.  I wish I could have been the one to show and tell her how much she is loved, I feel like I missed out.

I think one of the most difficult parts of adopting an older child for me is that we don't know the past and can't make up for it.  We can't redo birthdays or other holidays, we can't hold them more, show them more love, teach them better.  Their past will always be their past, as much as we want to make up for any inadequacies, we must start fresh from when they come to us. 

I can't wait to start showing our next kids what unconditional love and family are all about! 

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