Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lexy is 7!!!!

Since we had Lexy's party on Sunday we're not doing much today.  She is taking brownies (while we were making them she asked if they were still homemade even though we bought the box at the store...I told her they were ABSOLUTELY homemade :-)  and juice to school for her class.  Daddy is going to be a Watch Dog at school and spend the day with her too!  Lexy has asked for Mommy's spaghetti for dinner...and what that special little girl asks for she receives!  And while we gave her her gifts at the party, I did buy her a little smurf figurine that she carried all over Toys R Us begging for the other day (after I made her cry when I made her put it down) and I'll give that to her today.

And for birthday entertainment we will be going to a Donkey Basketball game tonight.  Lexy thinks it will be funny..I'm thinking the same thing!  Real people (from around town) riding on donkeys playing basketball.  Now THAT is entertainment lol!!!  Brooke will also be performing several dances with her cheer squad.

I thought for her 7th Birthday I would ask Lexy about her favorites...


color - blue, purple & lime green
animal - dog
food - pizza
dessert - brownies
place to go - Great Wolf Lodge
movie - Justin Biever, Never Say Never
toy - Party Animals
singer - Justin Bieber
song - "Stuck in the Moment"
friend - Avree
boy - Brandon
restaurant - McDonalds
store - Toys R Us
subject in school - Computers
tv show - Wipeout
thing to do with mommy - cook
thing to do with daddy - play kickball
thing to do with sissy - play
thing to do in summer - go to the pool
thing to do in winter - play in the snow

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Singer
Who will you marry?  Justin Bieber
How many kids will you have?  2
Where will you live?  Hollywood

Lexy, I love you OH SO MUCH!!!!  I'm so glad that God made you my daughter and me your mommy!

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