Friday, March 4, 2011

When it rains it pours....

kids in our case!! :)

Yesterday I woke up in a stressed panic.  I had to get everything done for Lexy's party and get ready for our night (tonight) at Great Wolf Lodge with Lexy's best friend Avree and her mom for Avree's b-day.  In the midst of my panic I laughed and thought "this is when we'll get news about kids".  That's how it always worked when we were fostering, on our most stressful days or when we had big plans for something we would always get a call for kids that needed us. Lexy and I were rushing through Wal-Mart searching for a gift for her friend, my phone started ringing.  I noticed I had already missed two calls from the same number...our adoption worker.  I answered and after about an hour of listening intently while trying to manuever Lexy and a cart through the store in search of a quiet-ish place, this is what I was told...

The sibling set of three (3, 2, 1) that we thought were staying with their foster mom are now indeed in need of a home.  There has been additional information given about the 3 yo (diagnosed with PDD).  At this time we are the ONLY family interested.  The agency doesn't want to do a staffing with only one family so they will update the profile with the new info. and if we're still interested we will be included in a staffing with whatever families come forward. 


A little almost two year old baby girl is need of a home immediately.  If our worker can find three interested adopt only families by today then the worker has said they won't look for more families.  The staffing will be done VERY soon and only include those three families.

So after much discussion last night, we decided that we are going to submit our homestudy for both situations.  We know that our job is not to decide who our next kid(s) are so we are going to be open to whatever is meant to be.

Hopefully we'll be off this roller coaster...and on to the next one SOON!!!


Deb Hamilton said...

Wow! I am sooo excited for you~! I pray everything works out. We were placed with our daughter in January and she will be 2 months old on Sunday.

Keep bloggin!!

MyLinda said...

Thank you Deb! Congrats on your little one :)