Monday, March 14, 2011


We woke up to SNOW this morning...even Lexy is done with this snow thing!  When I told her it had snowed she said "enough already, I want Spring!" haha!

I wish I would have taken pictures this weekend, I've been lazy about that lately.  Friday Brooke and I went for a girls night out.  She asked if we could on Thursday night and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do then spend time with her!  I was a little afraid that this was a ploy for a shopping trip but not only did she ask for nothing (she even spent a little of her own money on some makeup) but she told me of a couple of invitations she had passed up that night to spend time with me. :)  We ended up not getting home until almost 1am after having chinese for dinner, doing some shopping and seeing a movie!

Saturday Brooke had plans so Mike, Lexy and I headed up to the city for some fun.  Lexy had gotten three different coupons from build a bear workshop for her birthday so we headed there first.  She ended up making a cute little dog that she named Brownie, a collar/leash and a pair of glasses for him...all for FREE!  Then we headed to Toys R Us to return one of Lexy's birthday presents and we walked out of there with two toys and only spent $4 more!!  What a cheap fun day!

We have no new updates on our adoption situations.  Our worker said that all homestudies were to be turned in by last Friday on the almost 2yo little girl.  Hopefully they will narrow the families down and set a date for a best interest staffing this week!!  They have given families about two more weeks to submit homestudies on the sibling set of three so we'll be waiting a while longer to hear on them..

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