Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

This years Spring Break wasn't quite as exciting as years past.  The week started out with me being sick...and when momma's sick nothing much fun happens!  Thankfully Brooke has some great friends that she could go spend time with and have some fun but poor Lexy got stuck with me :(

On Sunday, Brooke had a couple friends over and they partied into the wee hours. :)

On Monday, I had a doctor appt. (bronchitis and lung infection).  Even though I wasn't feeling well Lexy and I still went to McD's for lunch, spent some time at the park and did a little shopping at Wally World.  Then Lexy got to go outside and play with Daddy when he got home.  Brooke went shopping for the day with a friend and her mom.

Tuesday, Lexy had her annual check up at the dr. after she chose Dairy Queen for lunch.  We went back by DQ after her appt. and got ice cream.  We spent the rest of the day at home trying to get mom better. :)  Brooke went with a friend to her grandparents house for a couple of days.

On Wednesday, Lexy and I went to Power Play for some fun playing games.  Lexy had a good time with Ryan & Molly.

On Thursday, after having our previous plans cancelled, I contacted Avree's (Lexy's best friend) mom and much to Lexy's delight we headed up to Jumping Jax for the day :)  Brooke went to a slumber party with her besties.

On Friday, Lexy and I picked up Brooke and her three best friends (Taryn, Lindsey and Suzy), grabbed lots of donuts and drinks and headed up to the city for the day.  We spent the morning shopping, the girls tried on pretty much every piece of clothing in each store and took pictures galore! :)  After going to Pizza Street for lunch we headed to the movies where Lexy and I met Avree and her mom to watch "Rango" and the older girls met up with some other friends and watched "Beastly".  Afterwards for the first time ever Lexy got to go with her friend to get cupcakes, buy stuff for crafts and then go to her friends house to play and have dinner before coming home!  Lexy loved it, mom had a little anxiety!

The weekend was spent relaxing at home watching movies, snacking and spending time as a family.

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