Monday, January 5, 2009


In addition to the resolution that I posted here, I have a couple more to share...

The first is to finish the decorating & decluttering projects that have been started in the house. It seems that this is a never ending project! Just when I think one is done I find something else to add/change. Yesterday for my cleaning project I worked on Lexy's room...this is one that I feel is almost a mute point because next week it will need to be done again but I had to make room for the huge tent that she got for Christmas! Some of the other projects I want to tackle are: living room, master bedroom, my craft area, playroom, basement...ugh I'm wore out just thinking about it!!!

The second is to work on getting healthier. A year or two ago I came across a website, that I find very helpful and I will be returning there to help make some changes. This will be a slow and on going process but a much needed one! I'll share websites, information and recipes that I find helpful as I do this. I will probably start another blog to put this information on.

Oh by the way, did you see the crafts blog I've started (over to the right) Projects & Pretties...I will be adding more to this very soon! Craft projects are something that I find fun and relaxing.

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