Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Fun and cleaning day project

For family fun this week we took the girls (plus a friend of Brooke's) to Chuck E. Cheese for a fun filled afternoon. They had a great time playing games and being silly. Daddy even splurged and got them all an ice cream!

After coming home Brooke, Brooke's friend and I played board games (Truth or Dare, Pictureka and What am I) until 11:30pm. The girls had played Truth or Dare the night before and we saw some silly hairdos, etc. but our game included me standing on my head (sort of) singing Old McDonald, each of us having to "meow" randomly for 5min., and pretending to order pizza in pig latin...we laughed SO hard!

For my cleaning day project Brooke and I tackled the playroom that had been severely abused and neglected since Christmas. Basically we just wanted to get it organized enough that someone could go out there without getting lost. Our plans are to totally redo the playroom in the summer but for now it's straightened up and you actually might be able to find what you're looking for!!

I forgot before pictures but here's the after...

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