Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Fun Time and More

For family fun time this past Saturday we had a Girls shopping day. Daddy was on call (and worked all day Sat.). Brooke, Lexy, Kenzie and I went to a mall that we normally don't go to and spent the day walking and shopping and shopping and walking...we were exhausted by the end of the day! Then we had dinner at one of our favorites...chinese, YUM!

Also, I wanted to let you in on a great giveaway going on at a blog I visit, here. She is giving away a GREAT purse, check it out! Brooke would absolutely LOVE this purse so I'm kinda hoping to win!

Now to Not Me Monday...

I did NOT make dessert twice last week just because I wanted it even though it's not on the diet!
I did NOT skip my workout yesterday because I was too sore from walking around the mall and shopping on Saturday!

I did NOT leave both my kids with my great friend Robin on Friday while another friend and I went shopping for Robin's b-day party supplies. Nope I wouldn't do that, and I didn't let her feed them dinner either!

I did NOT leave my poor wonderful hubby to work all day out in the freezing cold while I went shopping with the girls to spend the overtime he was making!

I did NOT keep my mouth shut when Brooke came to me yesterday to say she wanted to do six chores (instead of her normal two) and I did NOT love every minute of watching her and Kenzie do almost all MY chores!!!

I did NOT tell my dear little four-year-old "oh yes you will!" this morning when she said "I won't go to school today because I have to do all that boring stuff".

I did NOT do ANY of these things, nope not me because I am the best wife, mother and friend, right???!!! Now you can go over to MckMama's to see who else is playing along in Not Me Monday.

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