Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Fun

Today we had our Family Fun day. We went shopping a bit, walked around the mall and then saw this movie...Brooke, Lexy and I all thought this was a good cute movie, it didn't hurt that both the stars in the movie were ones that both Brooke and Lexy knew and it had Lexy's favorite...DOGS! Mike wasn't quite as impressed. He said it was unrealistic but isn't that what a movie is all about to transport you to another place that is rainbows and rose petals?

Lexy said after the movie that now that she has watched it and knows how to take very good care of pets that she is ready to get her very own dog...mind you we already have a family dog (but Brooke got to pick that one out before Lexy was around!). Lexy's 1st pick of a dog of her own was a Dalmation but after I told her that it would get bigger than her she decided on a weiner dog named Weanie!

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