Friday, January 16, 2009

"New Girls"

No, we did not get new foster placements...looking into why that is not happening!

WE are the new girls, Brooke, Lexy and I all got our hair cut last night...thank you Shyla! We were all well overdue for a new look. Lexy has only had one haircut in her life and that was about 5 mos. ago. Lexy wanted hers cut short and after much consideration Mike and I decided why not, she doesn't like to have her hair done up pretty and it is her hair after all. My heart fell to my feet when the first cut was made but it turned out SO cute and Lexy loves it! Brooke got a great new look...she found a picture on the internet that she asked Shyla to kind of go off of...except for the four or five different colors of hair that the picture had...I told her it would be many years before I would go for that! I got mine cut and thinned.

Before & After:

Before & After:

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