Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A funny from Lexy

Today Lexy came to me and said "I'm going to set out a table and put my piggy bank on it so that people can give me money". I proceed to tell her that while she was welcome to set her piggy bank on the kitchen table, that people wouldn't come by to put money in her bank. She, very intent on doing this said "you remember at Christmas time when we would put money in those buckets and people were ringing bells...I'll get my harmonica?". I tried to explain to her that those people (ringing the bells) gave that money to people that didn't have enough money to pay their bills or buy food for their kids. She looked up at me with the most serious face and said "well, I don't have enough money to buy a big stuffed dog so they can give me money for that!"

When I explained that people are not going to just give her money she said "well then I will sell some of my old toys". She's a very persisitant little girl and it took a lot of explaining by me to convince her that today would not be a good day for a garage sale (considering it is all of 20 degrees outside!).
Oh the things her little mind will come up with, I LOVE this age, I LOVE this girl!


Rachael said...

oh my gosh, what persistence from such a sweetheart! she will most definitely forge a path for herself in life :) she is too cute!

Rachael said...

ps - thanks for the comment!