Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We had a fabulous time on our mini vacation to Branson, MO. It had been eight years since we had been there last (so Brooke was 5 last time and Lexy had never been!). We stayed in a motel that had a free breakfast buffet (always nice) and a dessert buffet each night (yeah!!)...thanks Robin for the suggestion!

On our way to Branson we stopped off at the Precious Moments Chapel in Springfield. While there, Lexy left a message to Swimmy (her fish that passed) in one of the memory books that they have set up in a memorial room...they keep and store all the books when they are filled. I can't wait for her to visit when she is older and we can look up her message to swimmy!

While in Branson we saw a couple of different magic/illusion shows that Lexy found absolutely amazing, we shopped (Brooke found this great!), we ate WAY too much junk, played in the pool and we went to Silver Dollar City. At SDC the first ride that we rode was a wooden roller coaster, what a way to start off the day! Brooke has never been a roller coaster type of kid and this was Lexy's first roller coaster ride but they both really enjoyed it. Later Brooke and Lexy talked Mike into going on the Waterboggan ride (I was smart enough to look at the people as they were getting off and know that they were getting completely soaked)...they all had a fabulous time on the ride but it took them ALL day to dry off!

I remembered to take my camera but forgot the memory card so I had to rely on the camera on my phone (until it died just a couple of hours into SDC) but here are a few shots I managed to capture of our trip...

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Yaya said...

How cute that she left a note for her fish! ;)