Friday, August 21, 2009

Focus Friday

Last weeks goals...
1.) Get thru Lexy's first day of kindergarten with minimum tears (hers and mine!). We both did great, no tears for either of us!!!
2.) Get everyone into the school year routine. Make a routine for myself (including exercise) so I don't sit at the computer all day! The girls are doing pretty good with the routines although Brooke doesn't want to go to bed at night and Lexy doesn't care to get up in the morning! Haven't started the exercise routine yet but I'll get to it!
3.) BEGIN work on the HUGE task of pricing/organizing for the garage sale. Got this started and made a pretty good size dent in the task but still lots to go.
4.) Complete one project on my craft to do list. Didn't get this one done. Was going to work on it today but instead decided to do a little retail therapy and to go see my friend Tiffany :-)

This weeks goals...
1.) Continue work on pricing/organizing for the garage sale.
2.) Exercise at least three days next week.
3.) Complete one craft project.
4.) Order Mike's b-day present.

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