Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Little Brothers Wedding

I love weddings. I love the happiness, the love, the looking to the future with so much excitement. Yesterday my little brother, CJ and his girlfriend of a few years, Jessie got married.

When CJ called to tell me that they were getting married at the courthouse on a Wednesday afternoon I got the impression that he didn't think many if anyone would be able to attend. I think he (and Jessie) were pleasantly surprised yesterday when the courtroom was packed with family and friends there to support and celebrate with them. The judge (the same one that finalized Lexy's adoption) made the occassion very nice and special. Afterwards almost everyone joined them at Applebee's to continue celebrating.

I wish CJ, Jessie and their growing family lots of happiness and love! I am so happy to have gained a sister-in-law (and aunt for the girls) and two new wonderful nieces (and cousins for the girls)...with more on the way :-)

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Anonymous said...

How sweet!!!!!!! Congratulations to your brother!